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“Awesome! People of the world need JOYAS®like they need water."
Kim Gunn-Stone

“I wake up singing the JOYAS®for days. I feel better, I feel lighter and connected. The JOYAS®are music to my soul.”
Michelle Dow
DOW Environment Protection

“The JOYAS®are packed with power. The more faith you have the more power you receive. I feel the power that God provides through you. You have a beautiful heart and you’re leading the way. I love you for it!”
Mike Kempf

“I love the cards…I’m retraining my brain to relax and shift into the flow of life. I feel much more peaceful, at ease and happy. Thank you for the JOYAS™. I’m looking forward to them being a part of my daily life.”
Christine Anne

“You truly do sparkle and light up a room. I admire the way you are able to be truly yourself and live in love and joy at every moment. I’m grateful you have chosen to share the JOYAS®as tools. Thank you for the gift of your friendship, light, love and spirit.”
Kathi Corbett-Otto

I have incorporated your "Let it be easy..." JOYAS®into my affirmations. When I find myself fearful or worried about something, I make a positive statement/affirmation--- the very opposite of that fear-some or worry-some thing and then sing..."Let it be easy, let it be easy, let it be easy for my best and highest good." Wow is there great power in that!  Thank You!
Mary Linderer

"JOYAS® are like musical prayers."

The JOYAS®“Calling All My Angels” became personal for me.  I’ve always heard about “the” Angels or “those” Angels but  didn’t realize I could call upon “MY” Angels. Thank you.

The JOYAS®vibrated my heart chakra.

The impact of the JOYAS™ are fabulous and priceless. I value that it opens me to invite Higher Source, Higher Power for help, and to be willing to ask and be open to receive. 

The JOYAS®empower my spirit within.

JOYAS™ help me connect to my higher self and my Higher Power.

JOYAS™ are simple and powerful!

The JOYAS™ invite us to choose our mind set to bring us to a higher level of our greatest joy and gratitude.

The JOYAS®empower me to “ask” and to be willing to “receive”.


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