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“BE” Treat
Goddess "BE" Treat   Jacque Weiss
Treat Yourself to
The Woman You're Meant to "BE"
Enter into a magical space and a full day experience with Jacque Weiss ~ Enrichment Expert

Are you surrounded with chaos; mentally, physically and emotionally?
Do you crave me time/ “BE” time?
Would you love the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, renew AND enjoy yourself?
Are you in a life transition?

Benefits of the Goddess “BE” Treat:
”BE”ing in a peaceful whimsical space
Play time
Me time
Quite time
Discovering your desires

Possible unique experiences:
Guided meditation
Unique home spa treatment
Intuitive painting from your heart and soul
Musical meditation in motion
Discovering new desires and possibilities
Expressive play
Quiet time to journal messages from your heart and soul
Learn new tools and techniques to move you forward
Hands on activities
Mini angel card reading 
And other surprise experiences as they are uniquely inspired

Jacque is an Enrichment Expert, artist, singer, producer, coach, author, speaker and lover of life.    
To reserve your magical space today send an email to Jacque@TheJOYAS.com


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