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Jacque Weiss, Enrichment Expert, has earned the right for her title by discovering the magical treasures of life by incorporating creative joy, social artistry and authentic personality in even the smallest details of daily living.

She is an artist at heart, working with different mediums, colors and venues to express the vibrant kaleidoscope of life as it happens. As a people person committed to supporting others in enjoying their lives, she innovates solutions that sing to their cells and provide valuable insights into the possibilities. And as an entrepreneur, she understands the connections between individuals, their communities and the world, especially through business. 

It all started for Jacque when she founded “Count Your Lucky Stars” in 2006 to teach life enriching processes to individuals. Since then, she has expanded her services to include helping individuals, organizations and businesses through her unique brand of musical affirmations, JOYAS™.

JOYAS™ Jingles Of Your AffirmatinS are musical affirmations created to increase your level of joy throughout your heart, soul, mind, body and spirit. Like jingles, JOYAS™ have simple memorable melodies you’ll find yourself singing (aloud or in your head).

When positive thoughts, words and music are combined, we multiply our positive energy; instantly improving our frame of mind and causing a ripple effect that clears the way for us to see new opportunities more clearly and easily.

Jacque shares the unique JOYAS tools that in a struggling economy are very affordable, beneficial and empowering. They can be used at your leisure to experience changes quickly with grace, love and ease.

Fostering personal growth and fulfillment has long been Jacque’s passion, and her work has a global reach. One example of such work is her Kindatude® program which promotes kindness and gratitude as the key to accelerated awareness and accomplishment.  Jacque was a contributing author to the book entitled Inspiration to Realization and has been a guest on a number of radio programs.  She was selected as one of 12 individuals featured on The 12 Days of Caring (aired by a St. Louis CW network affiliate).

Jacque has been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce, YMCA Partner for Youth, CAB (Community Advisory Board), ESPW (Empowering Supporting Promoting Women) and has been twice nominated for The Athena Award, which nationally recognizes women for their achievements of professional excellence.  In addition to this she has been a nominee for the prestigious Davis Cup awarded by the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office for outstanding youth leadership. She was personally selected by Dr. Tom Hill (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul) to be an elite Eagle Member. She is also a member of Healing Touch International.

Jacque’s programs offer her clients the opportunity to seize the creative juices of life, to feel and be enriched and truly live into the masterpiece of their spirit personally and professionally. The medium is less important than the experience… but with Jacque, the result is guaranteed to be an authentic work of artistic mastery in motion.


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