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Your Current Reality + Creative “Recess”™ =
Your Freshly Expanded Possibilities

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated or just plain out of ideas? It happens… and that’s exactly when it’s time to take a Recess!

See if one of these describes you now:

  • You want to move forward, create or try something new but don’t have a clue where to start.
  • Your imagination has exceeded your ability to understand the ‘how’ to do something – analysis paralysis has set in and you are feeling stalled even as you feel the pull of something bigger.
  • You might be feeling a little fried and frustrated in trying to figure out how to get things moving.
  • Your organization has lots of moving parts with big goals to achieve but needs a fresh strategy to put them together to create positive traction. 
  • You know it’s time to jumpstart something, but feel like you’re missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

Each of these scenarios is actually common in the developmental creative process. And they don’t always feel good when you’re ‘in the middle’ – the place where you know there’s something more but you haven’t yet arrived to it. There’s almost nothing more frustrating than being stuck in the middle!

As Einstein said, the same mind that created a situation cannot solve it. Clearly, when it’s time to stimulate creativity and activate a unique problem-solving approach to rejuvenate and resolve your situation, you can’t use the ‘old’ ways anymore… they just don’t have the juice. In order to invite and develop the full power of your innovative potential, you have to do something different.

A Purposeful ‘Recess’ Invites Imaginative Inspiration for Real World Results

Think back to when you were a kid… what was the best part of your day? Recess! You got to burn off extra energy, laugh and play with friends, relax from mental focus and came back to class refreshed and ready to go. In that state of vitality, it’s hard to not be productive and inventive then, right?

To bridge the gap between where you are in your everyday work / life and where you want to be, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, you can get fresh insights through what I call ‘playing with purpose’.

Taking a Recess with me is a unique process of laser brainstorming as an intentional, playful problem-solving process. The idea is to invoke your most vital creativity by coming in through relaxing your conscious mind to create the breakthrough shifts necessary for what you really want.

How to Take A Recess Power Break

Getting where you want to go doesn’t have to be hard… it can be enriching, rewarding and just plain old-fashioned fun when you have a Recess partner!

That being said, it’s important to have the right brainstorming buddy… someone who has practical experience and training in the creative process (as well as all the ‘real world’ stuff of sales, marketing, leadership, management and customer service AND my sincere desire to support your success) to guide you in generating tangible outcomes toward what you desire.  One last requirement: it’s vital to have someone to do a happy dance when your switch gets flipped – and I am here for you on that too!

So, accelerate your growth, jumpstart your creativity and enrich your way to the solutions that you never dreamed of by scheduling your personal Recess session today!

Are you ready to be enriched and empowered by taking a “Recess”?

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