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Beginner NLP: Anchors, Affirmations, and the Joy of Change
Written by Keith Fail Dec 2010

In NLP we know that your ability to get yourself to do the things you want and need to do is often affected by your emotions -- your feelings about other people, your feelings about your situation, your feelings about yourself.  If you feel empowered then it is easier to get going at making things happen. 

We teach ways to set up “Anchors” that you can use to change your or another person’s feelings instantaneously.  Often these anchors are through a gentle and intentional touch.  But they can also be a particular visual cue like a facial expression or a particular gesture. 

You’ve experience the power of anchors before if you have ever heard an old song and suddenly remembered how you used to feel when you heard it originally. The “They are playing our song” phenomenon. Or if you have walked into someone’s house who was cooking a particular food and suddenly been transported on the smell back to your grandmother’s house. Anchors are any trigger that cause us to respond. And mostly, as beginner NLPers, we want to use them to access positive emotional responses – we call these positive resource anchors.

Well recently, one of Katie and my friends, Jacque Weiss came up with an amazing set of musical anchors that I want you to know about. She began dreaming and receiving through her own creative channels a set of short affirmations in the form of musical jingles. They worked so well to help her change here own life that her friends started asking her to teach them the jingles. One thing led to another and now she has released a CD with a bunch of them called JOYAS™ Jingles Of Your AffirmationS. It is fantastic!

Each one evokes a positive resource state in a short and memorable phrase or two. And because she sings them and they are catchy, you will find yourself singing along and learning them for yourself. That is where the real magic kicks in.

In NLP we often say that “If what you are doing isn’t working, try something different.” You have to change the way you think to change the way you behave. And that changes your life. Well Jacque’s JOYAS™ (Jingles Of Your AffirmationS) will change the way you think forever.

For advanced NLPers, you will notice that she is using several clever NLP language patterns in the design of these. First, she uses her language to access POSITIVE resource states. Then she uses a second phrase to meta-state the first resource state, al la Michael Hall’s Meta-States work. This helps to stabilize the positive resource and drive it deeper into the listener’s neurology. A truly beautiful example of unconscious competence with language.

Exercise: Download the free JOYAS™ “Let It Be Easy” and commit to learning it and using it for a week. If you don’t find yourself singing it to yourself as a positive resource anchor for your own life within the first 7 days, I’ll give you your money back. {View Article}


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