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  Jacque Weiss, Enrichment Expert, has earned the right for her title by discovering the magical treasures of life by incorporating creative joy, social artistry and authentic personality in even the smallest details of daily living.

She is an artist at heart.
Jacque works with different mediums, colors and venues to express the vibrant kaleidoscope of life as it happens. As a people person committed to supporting others in enjoying their lives, she innovates solutions that sing to their cells and provide valuable insights into the possibilities. And as an entrepreneur, she understands the connections between individuals, their communities and the world, especially through business. 
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JOYAS are joyous, musical affirmations sung to increase the level of joy you experience throughout your heart, soul, mind, body and spirit. Like jingles, JOYAS have simple, memorable melodies you’ll find yourself singing (aloud or in your head)whenever you desire to increase your joy.

We know that positive thoughts and words are powerful. We know also that music is very powerful. When we combine the two, we more than double our positive energy; instantly improving our frame of mind and causing a ripple effect that clears the way for us to see new opportunities more clearly and easily.

JOYAS are designed to help you use the magical vibration of your own voice to generate an abundance of love, joy and peace within yourself. JOYAS have enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and into my power. I share these valuable heartfelt messages with my true inner voice.

I invite you to step into your power and discover your own magical vibration.

Sending you smiles and joy,

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